Thermal Blockout Blinds help keep your home warm in winter & have the advantage that all colours in the range have a white coated back which gives uniformity & looks good from the street. The fabric has a soft warm feel.

The Benefits of Thermal Roller Blinds

Regardless of the season, thermal blinds help regulate the temperature in your home. In the winter, if you open your blinds during the day and close them at night, it will keep the heat from escaping through your windows. Alternatively, in the summer, if you close the blinds and open the windows that face the sun during the day, your home will remain cooler.

According to Energywise, thermal blinds will go a long way to reducing heat loss through both single glazed and double glazed windows. By moderating the temperature in your home or office, you can expect to savings on your power bills.

Please note that when fitted inside the window frame there will be gaps at the sides and tops which will allow light in. To reduce light entry it is recommended to back roll your blinds. Alternatively they can be fitted to the outside of the window frame if your frame is at least 30mm wide, and back rolled. Check our roller blinds measuring instructions page for details.

Available in a range of colours and finishes of your choice blockout fabrics can transform your home or office with a modern stylish look that is also practical, easy to use and low maintenance.

We use strong aluminium roll tube on our roller blinds, with internal strengthening ribs for rigidity. Our Aluminium bottom rails come in a choice of powder coated colours, or anodised aluminium finish.