Roller Blind Measuring Guide

To ensure that your roller blinds are made to the right size, it is important that measurements are exact by always using a steel tape measure.

  • Hold you finger on the small hook at the end of the tape.
  • Pull the tape out making sure it is pulled straight & tight. Do not push on the tape towards the metal end or your measurement will come out slightly too big.
  • Measure in millimeters. Do not make any deductions for brackets we will do this for you.
  • Measure each window individually even if they look the same as there can be small differences.

Inside Mount

To mount your blinds inside the frame the recess will need to be at least 50mm deep to mount a bracket. Check there are no other parts of the window, or handles etc which will obstruct the operation of your blinds.

Measure the exact width in millimetres across the top of the frame where the blind will be mounted.

Outside Mount (On the Frame Mount)

Measure the width from one side to the other, near the top of the architrave in the position where the blind will be mounted.

Hook the end of the tape over the edge of the window frame & pull the tape straight across. Measure the length from the top of the architrave to the lower part of the sill, or floor if your window extends to the floor.

The frame width should be more than 4cm to mount the bracket.

If you want the blind to be exact match with frame’s edge, we suggest wall mount

Wall Mount

Measure outside of the frame whatever size you want the blind to be.

If your architrave is very narrow, you may want the blind to extend past the architrave. We suggest the blind should extend at least 50mm past the window edge both sides if you would like the blind back rolled, & 100mm past the edge both sides if it is front rolled, to reduce light entry.

If you are mounting the blind above the architrave, make sure it is positioned where there is a timber beam inside the wall. Measure the exact drop height in millimeters on one side.

Chain Position

Work out which side you would like the chain to be on, left or right.

Roll Type

Blind are available either as Back rolled or Front rolled (fabric coming from the front of the roll.

Back Roll

Front Roll

Note: All roller blind options are made to your individual measurements, so please take extra care when measuring. The blind manufacturer will not be held responsible for incorrect measurements, supplied by the customer.