You will need:
  • Cordlesss or power drill with P2 Phillips Screw Tip
  • Pencil (if side or face fixed)
  • A spirit level is recommended if you are wall mounting the blind above the window.
Your rollerblind will be delivered with brackets and screws along with a copy of these instructions ready for installation.
Your blind can be fitted either top fix of face fix. Check which you have specified prior to starting the installation.
  1. Unpack everything and check you have all of the parts required for installation. Do not unroll the roller blind.
  2. Check which side your chain is on. If you have more than one blind it is a good idea to place each blind in front of the window with the chain side on the correct side as this will make installation easier and avoid delays.
  3. Place the brackets on the sills on the correct side for fitting. The slotted bracket is for the chain side and the other is for the pin end
  4. Fit the brackets using the screws provided. You only need to use two screws for each bracket.The screws provided are self tapping – that is they do not in most cases need to have a hole predrilled. However you may want to pre drill a hole if you feel there is a risk of your timberwork splitting.
  5. Holding the blind with both hands insert the chain end into the bracket first. Once that is in place fit the pin end blind in place. You will note that by rotating the clear plastic wheel at the pin end the pin will extends and retract. This is how you fit and remove the blind.
  6. Test the blind by pulling on the chain to ensure it is rolling up and down smoothly.